We connect precious and non-ferous metal mining project owners with potential funding sources. We will work with you if you intend to fund your gold mine, silver mine, platinum mine or non-ferrous metal mine. We will assist potential investors/lenders to locate a mining project and/or joint venture partners according to their requests. We appreciate your respect of environmental issues. The gold and copper mine which you see on the picture was undergoing a reclamation, and in a few years after this picture had been made the area was supposed to be not distuinguishable from the natural landscape.
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Gold Mining Projects, Mines and Mining Properties for Sale and Joint Venture

I. Advertisement by Third Parties

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If you have a project, then, probably, we can introduce you to some financing sources. Thereaf
ter you will be negotiating your deals only yourself. Our team selects projects for posting on this page at its own and sole discretion. The projects, posted on this website, are for information purpose only. This Website does not offer to purchase, sell or invest into any securities, real estate or projects, and does not offer any investment advice. All information is provided on the "as-is" basis only, may be not free of errors and omissions, changed at any time without a notice, revoked, may contain forward looking statements, involving different risk factors, and shall be verified by the User at his/her own expense. Neither GoldSilverMines.com nor any of its affiliates are not registered investment advisors, security brokers or broker dealers. if you use this website, then You have agreed to the full text of the Terms of Use. You may inquire about projects only if you are at least 18 years old.

II. Other Projects

  1. Gold Mining Project

    Necessary funding amount: Approximately $6,300,000 for the first stage ( the first mine); total amount approximately $27,000,000 (3 more mines to be acquired and put into operation on the second stage).

    Stage One
    Gold mine with some history of production and reports has been optioned by an experienced miner. The mine is located in USA and has 350 acres of private land. Mining will be environmentally friendly. The mine will be in production in 90-120 days after funding is secured.
    Expected revenue: over $11.5 million per year
    Expected EBITDA: over $8.3 million per year
    Lifetime: 8 - 9 years and potential to expand reserve by additional exploration
    Capital required: Approximately $6,300,000

    Stage Two
    Three gold mines shall be acquired in the same state. Approximately $20.7 million capital needed.

  2. Gold Mining Project

    Necessary funding amount: $24,000,000 Type of funding: any

    Gold mine available with proven reserve of gold in the amount of over$2.6 billion USD. Permits may be received soon. Expected annual net income is over $60 million USD. Operator/manager is available. A joint venture deal may be closed with smaller amount of funding. The gold mine is located in the USA.

  3. Gold Mining Project

    Necessary funding amount: $2,500,000 Type of funding: investment and/or loan.

    Gold mining company is seeking capital to start production of gold an a turnkey mine (equipment is installed). Proven reserve of gold is sufficient for over 60 years of operations. Permits are in place. Operations may start as quickly as in 2 months. Gross income after 4th month of operations is expected to be over $2,800,000 and may be doubled in 1 – 1.5 years. The gold mine is located in USA.

  4. Purchasing of a Gold Mine and Production of Gold

    Necessary funding amount: $3,600,000 Type of funding: investment and/or loan.

    Gold mining company is seeking capital to execute an option to purchase a gold mine and then start producing gold. The mine has a proven reserve of gold of over $600,000,000. Some equipment will be purchased. Most of the equipment is on the mine already. Expected gross income is over $3,000,000. Operations may  start in 6 weeks and full production shall be achieved in 5 months. In 12 months production may be taken to the level of approximately $6,000,000. The gold mine is in the USA.

  5. Purchasing of a Gold Mine and Production of Gold; Installing of an ore Processing Plant on Another Mine, Gold and Silver Production and Exploration

    Small public company is seeking a capital in the amount of $5,300,000. Type of funding: investment and/or loan. The company has an option to purchase the Mine #1, and as a result the amount of necessary capital is relatively low. The company has a license and necessary equipment to hallmark gold and silver bullion.   Capital is needed for the following purposes: 

    - Purchasing of a gold mine and organization of gold production. The mine has proven reserve of gold over $500,000,000. Production will start in 30 days and shall go to the expected maximum in 4-5 months. This mine is a turnkey one. Some history of production is available.

    - Organization of mining on another mine (rent of hard rock mine with a possibility to buy). A small ore processing plant will b e installed, and gold and silver bearing ore will be supplied from other mines, belonging to the same company and located in the area. Also, final stage of exploration on this mine will be done for gold and copper, and this mine will be prepared to operation.

    Both mines will produce gross of almost year wit the expected net income over in the amount of over 50%. Additionally, the production in the first mine may be increased by 100% in 1 year, providing a total expected gross income of almost $10,000,000. Mines are located in the USA

  6. Purchasing of a Gold Mine and Production of Gold

    For this project a bank is ready to provide a bank’s guarantee for more than a half of the necessary funding.

    Necessary amount of funding is from $16,000,000 to $36,000,000. Type of funding: investment or a joint venture. If funding is arranged for any amount in the necessary range, then the bank will provide a bank’s guarantee for the rest (the balance to $36,000,000).

    A hard rock gold mine is located in South America. The mine was operating for a substantial period of time, and there is a lot of equipment in place already. Capital will be used by an American company to purchase this gold mine and to put into production mode.

  7. Turnkey Placer Gold Mine for Sale

    Turnkey placer gold mine offered for sale at $8,500,000

    The mine is fully permitted and may be put into operation in 2 months. Most of the equipment, necessary for full production mode is installed. Proven reserve of gold is over $500,000,000. Geological reports and test mining reports are impressive and may be provided upon request. This mine has a history of gold production on the test mode. Experienced operator id ready to start mining for the buyer. This mine may achieve full production in less than 6 months. Proven reserve of gold is very well documented and may be put on the balance (book) of the buyer’s enterprise. Extraction of gold is easy on this mine. The mine is located in USA.

  8. Gold Mining Project on the Properties with the Total Reserve of Over $1 billion USD

    Turnkey gold mine and gold mine to be purchased; production to start on a few mines including those currently belonging to the company; $10,200,000 required.

    Production will start in 2-3 months, and the mines expected to produce (after the second stage of development is implemented) over $22 million USD yearly gross. Additional information available upon request.
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