We connect precious and non-ferous metal mining project owners with potential funding sources. We will work with you if you intend to fund your gold mine, silver mine, platinum mine or non-ferrous metal mine. We will assist potential investors/lenders to locate a mining project and/or joint venture partners according to their requests. We appreciate your respect of environmental issues. The gold and copper mine which you see on the picture was undergoing a reclamation, and in a few years after this picture had been made the area was supposed to be not distuinguishable from the natural landscape.
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US Mining Companies - Gold and Precious Metals Mining Investment Opportunities. Investors are Welcome. Good Mining Properties and Companies Will Be Also Considered. Investors and Legitimate Lenders Wanted.

We connect American gold mining companies, developing precious metals and non-ferrous metals mining projects, with potential investors, lenders and joint venture partners from all over the world in order to assist in funding of mining enterprises and developing of the mining industry. Our clients – mining companies in USA – may accept equity financing, debt financing or a combination and, as well, joint venture capital through establishing of joint ventures with investors. We assist potential buyers to locate a placer or a hard rock mine with the prerequisites they desire. Even if you intend to acquire an operating or a turnkey mine, we can find a property that fits your needs.

Among our clients are both private and public mining companies, exploration companies, in addition to mining properties owners. Some are seeking capital, others are looking for good long term joint venture partners. We select companies and at the same time target properties with quick growth potential that will bring a good appreciation on the investment:

- strong team of professionals and managers;  and
- mining properties with proven reserves of gold, silver and other precious metals.
We are looking for projects! Please, review our criteria on the page Projects and Properties Wanted.

Some of our clients - gold mining companies are licensed to hallmark gold, silver and platinum bullion. This simplifies the process of certification of the products and accelerates the turnover of capital.   

We have all necessary connections established with different professionals and companies in USA, Central and South America, Asia, Russia and countries of former USSR. We can assist in finding a suitable exploration company, mining operator, managers, staff, certified geologists, translation services, accounting and audit companies.

We believe that mining industry in USA is substantially under-valued by American investors due to the fact that for a long time during and after the Second World War mining has been stopped on most of the mines and the mining industry started its new boom after year 2000 when metals prices became extremely attractive for international investors. We believe that prices of precious metals will continue their upward movement; so it’s the best time to enter the mining market in USA right now. There are many reasons to invest in mining through USA mining companies. You may review some of these reasons on the page Reasons to Invest in USA Gold and Precious Metals Mining through USA Mining Companies?

No one investor or lender is too big or too small for us. We will do our best to suite your needs and locate a project and a potential American partner according to your budget and other terms.

If you need exploration or mining services anywhere in the world, we will refer you to reliable and experienced American companies, which will keep the costs reasonable and get the job done according to the highest standards.

You may fill the contact forms, located on the website, or contact us directly. Our professionals will contact you shortly. Our executives speak additionally Russian.

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