We connect precious and non-ferous metal mining project owners with potential funding sources. We will work with you if you intend to fund your gold mine, silver mine, platinum mine or non-ferrous metal mine. We will assist potential investors/lenders to locate a mining project and/or joint venture partners according to their requests. We appreciate your respect of environmental issues. The gold and copper mine which you see on the picture was undergoing a reclamation, and in a few years after this picture had been made the area was supposed to be not distuinguishable from the natural landscape.
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Projects and Properties Wanted

1. Projects Seeking Capital Wanted:

Funding opportunity exists with the preferences to the mining projects requiring an amount of funding of over $50 million USD, report on the property according to the standard NI 43-101 available, and the company being in production or close to production. Feasibility study is a plus.

2. Properties Wanted:

Private land or patented gold, silver and platinum claims with proven reserves of minerals, preferably permitted or turnkey, in USA, Canada, Russia, Central and South America and Asia for establishing if joint ventures, and/or in need of mining operations’  funding wanted. If the claims are not patented but a patent may be obtained, it might work.

Your project/property will be advertised on this website after we execute an agreement. There is no up front fee.

If you need an operator for your gold mine, silver mine, platinum mine or non-ferrous metals mine, or you are looking to perform exploration, we may help by referring to you an established operator or an exploration company.

This Website does not offer to purchase, sell or invest into any securities or real estate and does not offer any investment advise. All information is provided on the "as-is" basis, may be not free of errors and omissions, changed at any time without a notice, and shall be verified by the User at his/her own expense. You have agreed to the full text of the Terms of Use if you use this website.

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